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13 Miscellaneous items

13-5 Electric and hybrid vehicle fuel and electrical system

Reasons for rejection

Condition (Note 1)

1. High voltage wiring is:

a) insecure or not adequately secured

b) damaged or deteriorated (including insulation)

c) likely to touch:

i. hot components of the vehicle

ii. sharp edges

iii. rotating parts

iv. the ground.

2. High voltage batteries are:

a) insecure or not adequately secured

b) damaged or deteriorated (including components and electrical insulation)

c) leaking, or showing signs of leaking.

3. High voltage battery shields are damaged or not in place.


4. A modification affects the electrical system, and:

a) is not excluded from the requirements for specialist certification (Table 13-5-1), or

b) is missing proof of specialist certification, that is:

i. the vehicle is not fitted with a valid  certification plate (eg low volume vehicle plate or heavy vehicle certification plate/label), or

ii. the operator is not able to produce a valid modification declaration or authority card

iii. The vehicle has not been certified to an accepted overseas system as described in Technical bulletin 13.

Note 1

Vehicle inspectors are only required to do a visual check. An invasive check is not required.

Table 13-5-1. Modifications that do not require specialist certification

Fitting of or modification to:

Specialist certification is not required provided that:

Fuel system changes and modifications

Note: Specialist certification is always required for changes to the high voltage electrical system.

Fitting of or modification to:

Specialist certification is never required:

Any modification for the purposes of law enforcement or the provision of emergency services

  • in-service requirements for condition and performance must be met.

Summary of legislation

Applicable legislation
Condition and performance

1. The vehicle must be safe to be operated.

2. The components and materials must be fit for their purpose and within safe tolerance of their state when manufactured or modified.


3. A modification that affects the electrical system must be inspected and certified by an specialist certifier, unless the vehicle:

a) is excluded from the requirement for specialist certification (Table 13-5-1), and

b) has been inspected in accordance with the requirements in this manual, including those for equipment, condition and performance.

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