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Technical bulletins (general)

13 Acceptable overseas proof of modification

The table below lists the overseas certifications that are accepted in addition to New Zealand's low volume vehicle certification system.

Acceptable overseas certifications Specific evidence
ADR SSM: Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board Second Stage of Manufacture
The plate/label is silver in colour. If the word ‘nonstandard’ or the phrase 'low volume’ appears on the plate/label the certification cannot be accepted, refer to a specialist certifier. See Figure 13-1-1 for a sample plate/label.
ECWVTA: European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval
  • 2018/858 OR 2007/46 OR 2001/116 (Note 1) in the Type Approval Number (eg e11*2018/858*0851*01, e11*2007/46*0851*01 or e1*2001/116*0391*11 like in Figure 13-1-2)
  • 'Stage 2' or 'Stage 3' must also be on the label immediately below the type approval number.
    Note: The word 'Stage' may also be written in a different language, most commonly French (Etape) or German (Stufe). (eg 'Stage 2' or 'Stufe 2' like in Figure 13-1-3)

Note 1

A motorhome may have final stage approval to 2001/116/EC provided it was approved to 2007/46/EC or 2018/858/EC at an earlier approval stage (ie there is a base or second stage approval label listing 2007/46/EC in addition to the 2001/116/EC final stage label).

United States
FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Motorhomes, hearses and limousines with an FMVSS approval plate. See Figure 13-1-4 for a sample FMVSS approval plate.
Note: Conversion vans (aka day vans) are not motorhomes as they are not a dwelling place. The Transport Agency requires these vehicles to be LVV certified.
Figure 13-1-1. ADR SSM plate/label


Figure 13-1-2. Sample European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval - ECWVTA


Figure 13-1-3. Example of Stufe 2


Figure 13-1-4. Sample FMVSS approval plate

FMVSS plate

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