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3 Inspection and certification process

3-10 Operating a vehicle without a current WoF or CoF

A person must not operate a vehicle on the road unless it has a current WoF/CoF and complies with WoF/CoF requirements.

A person may legally operate a vehicle with an expired WoF/CoF ONLY if the vehicle is being operated SOLELY for the purpose of bringing it into compliance, and provided the vehicle is safe to be operated for that purpose.

The 28 days given after a failed WoF/CoF only relate to the payment of inspection fees and when a new inspection starts, see sections 3.6.6 and 3.9. The 28 days do NOT allow a person to continue using the vehicle for a purpose other than for bringing the vehicle into compliance.

Where a vehicle still has a current WoF/CoF when it is failed, it must be brought up to compliance before it can again be operated for other purposes up to the date the WoF/CoF expires.